2014~2021 i-stop and i-ELOOP issue

I’ve been having a regular issue with the energy recovery system where the engine picture greys out randomly (as seen in the picture) and does not come back on again. Every time this happens my MPG goes through the floor (20 MPG or less), the engine is lumpy and the i-Loop does not recharge - no matter how you drive - for the duration of the time the engine imagine is not illuminated. This even happens when the i-Loop shows full charge so I'm at a loss as to what the cause could be. Has anyone else known this issue or whether there is a fix to prevent it happening?


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Hi, try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes and reconnect it to see if it cures the problem, theres no harm in trying. You also need to disconnect the current sensor wiring, which is also at the positive end of the battery terminal. I've added a literature too, which can be a bit confusing and takes a few reads to understand the resetting procedure, took me a few goes. Let us know if it works?


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To OP:
Did you check your 12V battery? If you have not replaced it, it maybe about time...
(Q85 battery, Panasonic High Performance battery, costs $$$)

Mine is '16 GT with iEloop (gas version). I had to replace the 12V at 42K. Otherwise, I saw Inspect Required message on the dash, and iEloop did not recharge.