2017~2021 CX-5 brake pedal hard to push after changing rear pads

I just changed the rear pads on a 2018 CX-5, every thing went smoothly. I pushed the piston back and didn't turn it. Only mistake I may have done is: when I change from maintenance mode back to normal, I accidentally stepped on break pedal. At that time, I can step down the break pedal. Then I correctly ended maintenance mode. But after that, I can't step down the break pedal.

What can I do now? Really appreciate any help!


2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech Pkg
Plano, Texas, USA
If you don’t feel right when you step on the brake pedal, try to put the rear brake in maintenance mode again, and get out of it. May be a couple of times.

The piston’s grooves have to be lined up in perfect North South orientation:


If you haven’t, read this thread first by tomcat1446:

Maintenance Mode for 2016/2017 CX-5 electronic brakes
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