Bring Back The Mazda MP3!


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I think Mazda should bing back the MP3 or something sporty like it that is only available as a standard / manual.

Keeping it as simple as possible. A big step away from a Google car. For people like me that only want to drive a standard.

They could start an instant cult following for only those who know how to drive a stick.

Clutch pushers only.


Loved the MP3, it would be really cool to see an MP3 tribute edition for the Mazda3 or create a sporty “back to basics” trim for the lineup.


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I'd also love to see a true return to Mazdaspeed. Mazda3 hatch with a manual gearbox, a retuned 2.5T, and AWD. Give it "sport suspension" aka springs and retuned dampers that allow it to sit 0.5" lower. Gloss black OEM 17s or 18s (not BBS), basic black interior with cloth/suede seating surfaces, no sunroof, no HUD, no radar cruise, no parking sensors, no 360 cam, all to keep costs down. Then they could make a "Premium" trim with all the tech, and also offer a Touring package that could be added to both trims that would offer an auto gearbox and a leather interior.

If they did it that way, you'd have an option for everyone:
- base model (Mazdaspeed3)
- base + tech (Mazdaspeed3 Premium)
- base + auto trans and leather (Mazdaspeed3 w/ Touring package)
- fully loaded with tech, auto trans and leather (Mazdaspeed3 Premium w/ Touring package)

It would be a fun car off the lot, with plenty of customization still available for the enthusiast.


There is a 2021 3 that has AWD and a turbocharger. They're getting closer to the glory days!

The only reason I don't daily drive a Mazda anymore...They abandoned me for SUVs that don't go on the trail.

I always say this, but here I go again anyway:
When it was new, the MSP (basically a turbocharged MP3) was the quickest FWD car ever tested through the cones by Road and Track magazine, beating the Integra Type R, which had no sound deadening, no stereo, roll up your own windows, etc.
The MSP did it with A/C, 4 doors, and a built in subwoofer. 👍

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