Wiper blade issue (2016.5 CX-9)


Mazda 6
My CX-9 2016.5 first gen. windshield wipers mostly on the passenger side does not clean the windshield properly when the outside temperature is cold below freezing.
This happens when the wiper blades have been sitting in their parked position. Is there 2016.5 CX-9 owners have had this issue and what have you done to tackle this issue.
It has been corrected (I believed) in the release of the 2017 version by adding a defrost element at the lower end of the windshield to warm up the rubber blades.

Purchase of a first generation model should be avoided. The last year model is a better buy.
Have you recently changed the wiper blades or the rubber inserts in the wiper blades? Or are they the original set?