Will an older Mazda3 OEM rim fit a 2022 CX-5?



I have an opportunity to buy a set of 4 in this style of rims locally for about $180 Canadian to use for winters. Problem is, aside from being "only" a 6.5" wide rim, the offset seems to be 52.5ET vs. the 45ET that will come with the OEM 19s. Will I encounter any issues using the Mazda3 rims on my '22 turbo?

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You'll want to use a wheel/tire size calculator to see how much further in the wheels will sit (closer to the suspension/brake calipers, specifically the front end). Then you'll want to take a look at how much space you have to work with behind wheel, to see if you'll have enough room. If it does work, I think it would look goofy with the wheels inset so much. The inset wheels would also change the way the car feels while turning. Same goes for the thinner wheels/tires, you'll probably have less traction due to the smaller contact patch (if your current tire and the new tire are the same).

Another thing to consider is the load capacity of each wheel. The CX-5 is a heavier vehicle compared to the Mazda3, so you'll want to be sure that the load capacity of the Mazda3 wheel can handle the weight of the CX-5.