Water slushing sound when braking (2016 CX-9)

Hello. I have a 2016 Mazda CX-9. After driving for about 15 or more minutes, when coming to a stop, pressing the brakes, I hear a slushing sound like water or something in the front of my car. My coolant is full, brake fluid is full. Have had the rotors and pads replaced, and I am still getting that sound. Any advice? Took to a mechanic and they didn’t find anything.
How are your air conditioning drains?

My wife's CX9 had a plugged drain and you could hear water sloshing around.
I used a bit of compressed air (one of those pump up sprayers without any liquid) and gave it a quick blast. I bet at least a quart or more came out.
yeah that was a problem on gen1, don't know if the same problem apply to gen 2
Could be a problem on any vehicle with A/C, not just Mazda's. My old Nissan Pathfinder was prone to that happening.
I’m going to attempt to look at the AC drain. Just thought it was weird that it only happens after I’ve been driving for a bit.
Unplug the drain tube for air condition usually between firewall and engine on left side facing front of car
Look inside of your doors as well. I bet the drains at the bottom are clogged and rainwater is caught in the doors. Take a pick and try to clean them out.

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