Trade in a CX-9 2016 for a Prius?


Mazda CX9 2016 GT AWD
I have a 2016 CX9 (AWD, Turbo) with 43,000 Miles. I purchased it brand new in July 2016 in MX City Mazda Dealer.

My fear is because it's about to be 8 years old if something breaks, this will cost me a lot of money because I don't have a warranty from Mazda

So far, no issues with my CX9 2011 and current CX9 2016 so I has been very happy with the brand.

I want to trade my CX9 for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but it is too expensive and the wait list is one year... Add to this, we just purchased a Toyota Sienna 2023 Hybrid so I don't have too much money for the new Highlander.

So an option is to trade in my Cx9 (I love it!) for a Prius 2023 Hybrid (I will need to add 5000 USD) so I will have peace of mind if something breaks because of the new 7-year warranty with Toyota.

Any suggestion? Is it a good idea to trade in the Cx9 2016 AWD Turbo for a Prius Hybrid or perhaps is better if I want 2 or 3 more years, or reach 80k miles?

Do I need to expect failures in the next 30k miles? something I need to be aware of?


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You are comparing apple vs coconut. Do you need the extra seats and room? Do you drive a lot? It seems like you are motivated to get a new car simply for peace of mind with warranty. The possible issue with your cx-9 is the engine head which can cost a few thousand to replace. I think you should get a non hybrid since you have a hybrid sienna so you don't have to pay that difference if you can't really advantage of the mpg savings
We have both a 2016 CX-9 and a 2017 Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. Both are serving us very well.

What is the state of repair shops in your area? Can you get good work done at a reasonable price? Are top quality aftermarket parts available so you don't need to buy parts from the dealership? I'd keep the car unless repair costs are extremely high. I don't think there will be high costs for the Mazda in the next few years. You're a low mileage driver. Around 50,000 miles consider having the transmission drained, change the strainer in the sump, and refill with new transmission fluid. Follow the owner's manual for coolant changes and other work. Spark plugs are due at 40,000 miles, and they're on the expensive side, and can be deferred; I changed mine, not too hard. Flush & renew the brake fluid to remove any moisture that accumulates there. Drain and renew the gear oil in the transfer case and rear differential at about 50k.
Based on your mileage, it sounds like you drive an average of ~5400 miles per year. Let's say the cost to fill up your tank is approximately $75 USD. If you average 400 miles per fill up, that works out to 13.5 fill ups, for an approximate annual fuel cost of just over $1k with the CX-9. It doesn't sound like you drive much with the CX-9, so upgrading to a hybrid to replace the CX-9 for fuel economy reasons wouldn't make that much of a difference, plus you'd lose the utility of the CX-9 as well.

If all you're after is the peace of mind with the 7-year warranty, go for it. As long as you're aware that you'll need to spend that extra $5k to get it. As an alternative, you can continue to drive the CX-9. putting that $5k extra you would have spent on the Prius into your savings, while continuing to contribute a few bucks here and there to the fund. If something does happen to go wrong with your CX-9, you'll probably be able to cover the repair with the savings you had set aside.
Another option is to get a used car warranty. There are companies that sell warranties for used cars and the cost is less than you would pay at the dealer for an extended warranty. I remember often reading on the lexus forum of members purchased those when buying a used car as it was basically the same warranty offered by the dealership, but at a reduced price when purchased directly from the company just without the dealer markup, and you can still use the warranty at the dealership when repairs are needed.
You would have to do some research and compare companies and policies of course. I'm sure there are some worthless ones out there but there are also reputable companies too that offer real warranties at a fair price.

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