Sway bar bushing and end links. Order of install?

2010 5 Sport
Hello all,

I'm about the perform a sway arm bushing and end link replacement. My Mazda 5 is lowered 1.5 inches with H&R's and Bilsteins. The sway bar end link since being lowered is hitting the fender wall. The end links are being replaced with adjustable end links from Racing Beat. I'm also replacing the sway bar bushing with poly bushings since the rubber ones keep failing. (Or I'm installing them incorrectly, maybe too much torque on the bracket)

What order should I install the parts? Bushings or endlinks first?

Should install end links with the corner loaded on both sides to keep the sway bar level?

Thanks in advance.
2009 Mazda 5 GT
I would remove the old end links first , replace the old bushings and then install new links. Loading one end or not is going to depend on how far the new links need to reach, you'll probably need to force something into alignment no matter what.