Strange clicking sound from driver's door window switch

Good evening all,
My 2020 CX-9 GT is behaving abnormally.
Has anyone noticed a repetitive, timed, clicking/relay sound from their drivers door window switch cluster when you shut down the engine after a trip? I've got this relay click sound, definitely electro-mechanical coming from inside the door under the switch assembly that lasts for many minutes after a shutdown regardless of whether you open the door or not. It still continues and stops upon restart.

Also, if I try to lock the doors with the drivers door lock switch with me inside, the doors will lock but the power folding mirrors will do this weird jerk and attempt to close but then open back up again.

Anyone experience this?

I have at 2019 CX-9 GT and I have not heard the clicking sound that you described but my folding mirrors will occasionally act in the manner that you describe when the car is off and I just open the driver's door. The mirrors will start to fold closed and then abruptly stop and fully deploy again. I have also had the mirrors fold closed on their own when the car is turned off and left unlocked.

I started a thread on this topic last year but from the few responses I seemed to be the only one experiencing it. There was also a TSB about the mirrors and I had my dealership check it out but they could find nothing wrong and were unable to duplicate the problem.

Thanks for the input. Strange gremlins with the clicking that you don't have but the mirror issue is identical except for the auto lock and fold when walking away which is a setting to enable or disable in the menu screen.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the Fortin evo one remote start system I installed when new. I unplugged the module and ran a firmware update to 88.12 and then disconnected the neg battery cable to clear the ecm and pcm and reinstalled the module. I don't have the mirror issue now today when testing but did hear the clicking a couple times but not as much as before. Now I see the check engine light flashes 7 or 8 times before solid on when the ignition is in the second position but before starting the engine. I believe this means that the emissions ready system was reset and all the pcm/ecm data was lost so it has to relearn after some driving cycles.

Anyone else experience a relay clicking inside the driver door switch cluster and/or craziness?
It could be the fortin remote starter. The only way to know for sure would be to uninstall it and try without it. I have a fortin evo one on my 2018 and don’t have this issue, but the 2020 could be different, or you could have a defective unit or cable.