Should I pump break pedal before ending maintenance mode?

Hi, to change the break pad, I remember some one here says that pumping the break pedal before ending the maintenance mode will help the piston to be locked on the new break pad. But in shop manual, it says ending the maintenance mode and then pump the brake pedal a few times. Which one should I follow? Thanks!
Southwest Ohio
'19 CX-5 diesel
@pigvet , I believe what you may be referring to is there are groves in the caliper piston face that contact a pin on the brake pad. If the piston is pushed in too far, the pin doesn't seat in the groove and when you come out of maintenance mode, the EPB motor spins the piston and can possibly not seat the pin in the groove.

I'm just going from memory when I did the rear brakes on my 16.5 touring. I took care to make sure that I only pushed the piston in just enough to install the new pads and was positive the pad pin was seated in the piston groove.

If you found yourself with the piston pushed in too far, I would install the pads and gently push the brake pedal to make sure the pin is in the groove before exiting maintenance mode.