Guide Run hidden USB power cord from center console to dash

2015 cx9 2016 cX5
I hate having power cords tangled up across cup holder gear shift area, and love the constant on function of center console power outlet. I decided I want to run a hidden usb power cord from the console interior 12v up to dash, through steering column access to my driver door pillar mounted phone holder. Will also do same for passenger side dashcam.

There is a youtube video called Mazda CX9 center console armrest upholstery replacement by meca and this guy provides a great bilingual video on how to access the work spaces within the center console and adjacent plastic trim pieces. There is an order to the steps because of the overlapping edges and clips. no tool required/ This can be done with what I call gentle handling the snap and pop in place trim pieces and panels.

Gear shift cover plate is loosened by LIFTING rear edges then side edges up towards front. This unlocks the top trim piece 2inch tall approx that runs full length of console.
Rear air controller assembly is removed by pulling up and towards rear the top edge at top of air control assembly on top of console. unit folds back easily when top ege is loose.
Now, the full length of the top trim piece can be loosened/removed. Start at rear and work towards front. Remember to keep shift trim above side trim tabs.

Drill 5/8 hole in console storage bin for usb cord passage. There are obvious locations for access hole based on exposed console frameworks surrounding the console storage box.

Loosen the forward lower panel below dash, near gas pedal by pulling bottom rear edge out. You will see the next panel has a FIXED pivot point.
Loosen the forward main side panel by pulling out starting at lower edge along carpet. Piece will NOT completely remove, it will ROTATE down when loose. NOTE the orientation of the uppermost tabs for re insertion during assembly.
This will expose a gap about 1/4 by 3/4 on the forward end of the 2inch upper console trim. This is where the power cord exits the console trim and moves behind dash trim panels.
You can now run cable along and inside upper trim, above the assembly tabs, then down to the exit hole. Pull wire all the way through exit hole.

There is a very small 1/4 diameter approx gap where main side and lower dash panels merge with main steering column panel for wire to pass through over to steering column access then where ever you want.

Replace front panel above gas pedal.
Rotate larger side panel into place. You will likely have to lift slightly the vertical black plastic trim the runs from shifter up to air vents. This will allow the edge of side panel to fit behind vertical trim piece.
Replace lower side panel along length of console.
Replace upper side panel along length of console from front to back., note forward portion will be held in place with gear shift trim.
Replace rear air control assembly.