Pushed in reflector lens (2020 CX-5)

Hello everyone. I have a 2020 CX5 with the rear reflector lights on the bottom corners. WELL.... backing my car into the garage vibrated the garage walls a tad and something had fallen off of a shelf. in turn I received a pushed in reflector lens. My question is... will this "pop" back into place or is there a seal that I need to deal with? Just an FYI,,,,there are no broken parts or cracks on the lens, it's just pushed in. TIA.
If nothing broken then the reflector should just snap back in to place.

This happened on my 2020 but a couple of plastic tabs that secured the reflector were broken and the reflector had to be secured back in to place using glue.
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I spoke to the dealer and she explained to me that the reflector lens is part of the bumper which means the "whole bumper would have to be replaced" . I told her that I read on a Mazda forum that there were other people that this happened to and that there is an adhesive...needless to say.... she now understood that I did my research and said "Oh, we'll try that for sure first." I don't like when they assume you didn't do your homework. Annoying. Thank you because this response sort of saved me:).
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There’s just some screws and clips holding it in place. It’s not difficult to drop the undercarriage cover panel under the car and take a peak inside to fix it.

No way the whole bumper needs replacing. I replaced my reflectors with led lights (2019) and there was just a few screws per light.
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I replaced my rear bumper orange/red reflectors on my 2017 6 last year.
I installed wired black units that light up. They have the brake light and signal light leds in them.
The reflectors were held in with clips and one phillips screw. The screws were a PITA to get out.
I didn't install them in the new units. The clips are plenty strong enough.
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