proper way to install rear sub frame

02 Mazda P5
Wanted to know if there's a proper way to reinstall the rear subframe on a MP3. Issue I'm having is when going through bumps and pot holes my roght rear tire hits the rear quarter panel were the bumper meets. Before doing anything to the rear suspension there was no noise or scraps, now after replacement of subframe do to rust, the issue accures.

What I did:
Replaced rear sub frame w/lateral arms, struts/mounts, calipers, rotors.
Also I used a lx dx subframe w/drum setup, not really sure if it would cause the issue or not. Hard to find MP3 down in tx, but lots of lx dx, not many es models.

Jackie chan

Measure the length of the lateral arms vs stock. And the distance between the mounting points on the subframe vs stock.