WTB *Ongoing* WANTED: Mazda Protege aftermarket, OEM, parts and cars

2000 Protege ES
This is an ongoing posting.

I am looking for anything Mazda protege, Protege5 or Mazdaspeed protege related. I'm especially interested in any aftermarket parts or performance oriented parts. Likewise if you are looking for parts for these cars message me as I can help you find what you need.

I am looking for:

Anything GT spec, 505Zoom, Steedspeed, MAM, Pope, Garret/ turbo related, DG motorsports, AXR, Vibrant, Corksport etc etc. Also OEM new or used parts as well.

Also in search of Full cars or partouts, running or not and am willing to travel

Let me know what you have, thank you!



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I've got it all, as a matter of fact my car is sitting rusting. Everything you pictured I have and more.
I have the 505 Intake(new) Wilwood BBK, Ram horn and downpipe (for T3/T4) GT Spec braces,Oil pan. 17"Volk 2pce rims. Carbon fiber hood.Shoot me a price lets talk
I have a titanium 03.5 I blew the motor and put a motor in it with 32,000 miles on it the same day from JDM of Houston but once everything was put back together my mechanic guy gave up on me and never finished my car so it's been sitting for 8 months now it's not in bad condition... the rims need to be repainted and the inside is in good condition

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