New RX?


2014 CX-5 GT FWD, 2015 Mazda 3 Touring
This enigma has been making the rounds, with a concept debut at the Tokyo autoshow this month:


Given the challenges rotary engines face with modern fuel consumption and emission requirements, I'm a little skeptical of it being driven by a rotary. A hybrid/electric with a rotary powered range extender is interesting though. Mazda will have to move that way eventually, so why not? And they already have prototypes:
The rotary was quite a cool engine, however, I agree with your statement that it'll never pass emissions unless they really made a breakthrough.

Hopefully this is the new hardtop "mx-7" with the 2.5L turbo engine. Those taillights though...certainly a homage to the rx series ...
Itll work if they collaborate with VW. Nothing like that legendary German engineering.