New here! Wanted to say Hi!

Hello, been a Mazda owner since 2013 (CX-5-Touring now has 259,000+ miles on it). Just bought a new 2024 CX-5 Premium and looking forward to putting another 1/4 million miles+ on this one.

Also looking forward to being a part of the forum community, been long time coming.

Welcome, glad to have you. I am new to Mazda when I leased a gorgeous CX-90 PHEV. Best decision ever. Best vehicle I have ever owned in my 69 years. No other vehicle compares in my book. Glad you have been loyal to Mazda. I liked dealing with the dealer as it was refreshing not to have the high pressure sales approach others take.
those '24 rims are great match to this color! (and not so great for the others, imo)
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