NAV locks while in Motion


Most of the NAV functions are "locked" and unavailable while the vehicle is in motion. While this is a questionable safety feature it is annoying at times specially if you are looking to find places or restaurants while in the car is moving and you copilot can do the search. (uhm)

Anyone has an idea how to overcome this ??
have you gotten this to work. I have a friend that has the cx-9.
I have the camry 07 with the 6.1. There is no need to cut wires. All you have to do is copy the 5.1 and the 6.1 dvd in your computer. Then copy the loading.forget the ext. but overwrite it and the firmware goes to 5.1 but you get the updated maps. Please inform me if the 5.1 6.1 is the same as the toyota?

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