Mazdaspeed Protege FSZE engine

Hello i have a boosted FSZE on my Mazdaspeed protege, i used everything from the old fsde engine and put it on the ze including the intake manifold, not the box one. Im running on 7psi of boost. the car runs absolutely great with a leaking turbo. My plan is to put 440cc injectors, slap on a gt2860, fmic, and a haltech standalone ecu. i dont mind running low boost cause the engine is high compression. But the real question is how much hp can i make with that engine without touching the boost or internals?? I might push it to 8psi as well but it all depends on what you guys tell me.


2003 MazdaSpeed Protege
I have not posted in years but i had to reset my account just to say,

In my experience you will destroy the connecting rods, rod bearings and the differential in the transmission if you make too much power too low in the RPM range.

Torque at low rpm kills these motors. I had gone through like 5 engines before I swapped in a different 1.8 BP motor etc.

I often thought of doing what you did and from my experience you want to look at a turbo that makes top end power or you are going to destroy things sooner than you think.

The last thing you want is low RPM power as that will destroy things in a hurry.

If I wasn't at Disney on a cell phone I would elaborate a bit more but that is the just of it. With high compression and boost you are going to make a lot of low rpm power the engine/Trans cannot cope with.

IMO go with something large that doesn't spool quick or make big power under 5k.

Against just my experience from 10+ years of boosting/destroying FSDET. Bought mine new in 03. Man do I ever miss it.

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