Mazda2 Sport Trim using Touring Tweeters?

Hatchy Zoom

2012 Mazda2
So I am looking to upgrade my radio and speakers on my Mazda2 Sport. Some speakers come with these detached tweeters... and I got to thinking... couldn´t I switch the interior trim on the other side of the mirrors with the Touring model's and install the tweeters inside that bracket? Or would this not work with aftermarket tweeters? Would it be worth it to get stock Touring tweeters to stick in then? But then, I'd have to get the stock Touring speakers too (because they are connected), right?
I just did this recently with a JBL component set I got at a great price open box. For the JBL GX608C the tweeters fit perfectly in the stock location but there is no way to fasten them. They press in and are the perfect diameter. A different set may have a larger tweeter that would make mounting much harder. I used some silicone gasket sealant around the edge to hold them in. It seals the edges to avoid sound leakage. It seemed like the best immediate solution and its high temp rated so hot summer days wont likely make them fall out. Looks terrible from one side but once cleaned up and installed you have no way of knowing.


Wiring the speakers in the door is a bit of a job. They came with proper adapter plates for the mazda speaker holes, but I had to notch the stock holes for the screws to come through. My set was missing the wiring (open box) so I used what I had. There isn't much room for the crossover either but I managed to get some VHB 3m double sided tape to hold it on the door card for the mean time. That's about the only place it will fit. At first I used the JBL tweeter housings on the stock door panels which looked better than I thought it would. But I got lucky at a junkyard soon after and found the factory tweeter panels.


Also worth noting is the stock speaker terminal is outside the inner door panel but all aftermarket speaker terminals are inside the door. You will need to drill a small hole in the door plastic to run those wires through.