Mazda2 Headlight conversion wiring

Morning everyone,

I have a TS2 M2 that came with the single lamp (H4) headlights from factory.

Ive managed to source some twin headlights halogen projectors and from testing the plugs they work exactly as should except one feature! When activating the high beam, the low beam shuts off, now a UK mot requires the low beam to stay on, so the question i have is what do i need to do, to activate the low beam bulb?

Is there a loom you can buy? A retrofit relay?

Back in the day, I did a similar conversion on my Protege from H4 bulbs to H7 / 9005. Here is the wiring diagram for the conversion. The first diagram is to convert dual bulbs to H4 with a relay, and the second is to convert H4 to dual bulbs with no relay needed. Might have to check the H4 wiring to find out which terminal has 12v and which terminals get switched, your H4 socket might not have the same layout.

Thanks for your reply.

Looks like im in even more of a mess than i thought

The headlights have plugs for H7 and HB3. So its like the cars wiring harness is removing power to the H7 wires when the HB3 is activated
Hi gavin,

I'm following about your post. Do you find any solution in regards of your headlight conversion? Any leads that you can share?