WTB Mazda Protege MP3/Mazdaspeed windsplitter (0000-8Y-C07)

Hi. I was looking for part # 0000-8Y-C07. Its the wind splitter that came on 2001 Protege MP3 and 2003 Mazdaspeed. I was hoping someone on here may have one to sell. Thanks so much for your time.

I happen to have one.......Think it was over $100 shipped back when I got it.......rare and hard to find/ no find stuff.......What are you offering for it shipped ups with tracking? It is even in its box that I got it in ready to go...........

Hey bud. Thanks so much for your reply and pictures. I would be willing to go 100$ shipped if you could do that? Is it in good shape? No cracks? I live in East TN 37863 zipcode. Thanks for your message.