Mazda CX-9 Trailer Hitch Options and Lease Compliance

Love our new CX-9.

Not loving the hitch situation for what I thought would be an easy situation.

Car did not come with the towing package. I have a bike rack with a 2" hitch.

In the USA, the OEM is a Class II (1.25") hitch.

Would really like to not introduce the added wiggle of a converter.

All the aftermarket hitches for this car are 2" (better) and half the price. But, wondering about whether it would cause an issue with the lease. I'm also wondering if I could just remove the hitch before returning the car, and whether the dealer would even know.

Also, in Canada, the OEM hitch is a 2" hitch! Not sure about how I could get is shipped here, and what that would do to the lease.

Does anyone know about hitches and Mazda leases? Thoughts?

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The hitch bolts into nuts welded in the frame.

It's probably easier to remove than it is to install, but hard to say if a dealer would notice.

Installing the OEM hitch entails cutting the plastic rear bumper cover. That would be hard not to notice.
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I have a canadian dealer installed hitch. I think the canadian OEM hitch is not really OEM. I am pretty sure it is an aftermarket hitch installed by the dealer. I don’t remember the brand on top of my head but can check on my cx-9. It also does not involve cutting into the bumper. It sits lower and under the bumper. Doesn’t look as clean, but way better than a 1.25”.
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Probably a matter of market interest. We also have better all weather floor mat available as accessories.
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Here is a photo of my Canadian hitch installed by the dealer. I think it might be a Curt hitch, but couldn't confirm 100% (The ball mount they gave me is a Curt. But I couldn't see anything on the receiver to confirm the hitch receiver is also a Curt receiver).

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. I'm also wondering if I could just remove the hitch before returning the car, and whether the dealer would even know.
Dig out your lease contract and see what it says. That is real. What someone on the interwebs says isn't real.

As noted above, it's easier to remove than to install, and neither is a big deal. There are two aftermarket hitch receiver makers I know of, Curt and Horizon Global (which labels their products Draw-Tite and U-Haul). Find a local place to supply and install the receiver, or mail-order it and install it yourself.

How-to videos for installation are on this page: