Low oil level light on?


I just changed my oil, 4.5 quarts of oil, but the low oil level light is on? I have no leak. The light only goes on when I drive more than 5 miles. Any ideas?


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What is the oil level on the dipstick? What year is your Mazda6? Does it have the 2.5 turbo engine?

I don't know what MY your Mazda6 is, but that light, according to the 2020 Mazda6 Owner's Manual, is a low oil level warning light, indicating that the oil level is at or below the MIN mark on the dipstick.

Fill the oil until it is anywhere between the center of the two holes and the top hole (refer to the picture below).


As @Silly Wabbit said, add more oil and check the dipstick until the oil level is where it needs to be. It's not enough to simply add 4.5 quarts and call it good, the amount is an approximation (as explained in the manual) and doesn't account for drain time, oil dilution or oil consumption.

If your oil level is good according to the dipstick, and you're still seeing that warning light, the dealer may need to take a look.
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