Lots of parts, everything must go. I need the money.

Hey everyone,

I have a 2002 Mazda Protege5, It was my motha truckin gansta mobile, That was my love till it jumped timing. Some things have come up and I have to sell all my parts instead of doing a rebuild. Everything on and off the car must go. I have a lot of parts. You ask i might have it and or can find it. If you see something or can think of something you need that i do not name off, tell me and we can talk about price.

Here are some pictures. Prices are o.b.o. and shipping is it buyers expense.



I have two 2002-2003 Protege Hoods still in boxes asking 100 each obo + shipping.


Brand new front bumper. 150obo+ shipping. Had it for less than a month before the motor went.


Harness Bar 100obo+shipping. Fit perfectly and comes with bolts.

You can also see the door panel. I have all 4 original leather ones. Shoot me an offer I will take pictures if needed.


Headers 75obo+shipping.


3" monster cat, magna flow glass pack and muffler delete. Sounded badass! I have a video if you need a picture. Willing to separate. or 150obo+shipping.


Both driver and passenger fenders are new. 75 each obo+shipping
Hood on the car is also new. Shoot me an offer.


Tein Springs- 125obo+shipping





This set for 500obo+shipping.




This set for 400obo+shipping. All tires are the exact same thats why i only have a picture of one. If i need to take more i can.

I have more stuff and will post as I am able to take pictures.
Stuff includes:
Progress Rear Sway Bar for protege (w/brackets)
V-LED switch back front turn signals
2x- 3" 6-point blue harnesses.
1- 2" 4-point black harness.
Drivers side mirrors, Powered and non powered. both oem.
ACC Bumper brackets used less than 50 miles.
and more.

If I have missed anything or messed anything up. I apologize. Give me the chance to fix it. I'm willing to work with everyone. PM me if you have any questions. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also everything will be cleaned and looking almost new when you receive it.
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