Looking for CAD models of Mazda ZM-DE parts/measurements

I'm currently in the process of making a ZM/B6 head swap kit and i'm having one hell of a time finding the dimensions of stuff like intake and exhaust mani flanges (port size and spacing etc). Does anyone have models or drawings of these by chance?

I truly believe the ZM is significantly better than people think it is and has the potential to put a mean beating on just about every other mazda engine in existence. It is so painfully close to having the aftermarket support it needs to actually become a fast platform.

And just for fun if anyone is looking for a reason to go peel apart their grandmothers protege or wants to be propoganda'd into loving the ZM here is the rundown on that engine.

Throughout the 80's and 90's mazda offered the holy motherload of aftermarket parts for the B6 engine as it was briefly being used for rally and largely being used for every type of track event you could imagine. And this was all fine and dandy except for the fact they also sold the 1.8 BP which was basically of the same design they just fixed all the short comings of the 1.6 like the head flowing like trash and the fact it sounds like it ate a bucket of rocks because of the hydraulic lifters. So even if you did buy the smorgasbord of aftermarket parts it would still be at somewhat of a disadvantage to the BP

Then for some unknown reason mazda decided they were going to quietly fix their beloved B6 and sell it in your grandmothers protege. They hogged the ports out, gave us a nice combustion chamber, and fixed the damn cas that liked to sh** the bed. Perfect racecar material

then nobody bought it and the motor is extinct (excluding aussie and new zealand market thats a whole different story)

but, for the people who have time to waste looking for a spec of protege nobody on planet earth wanted to own, its a good platform for a poor mans hot rod. Its got 29 years of race pedigree and all the wrong parts

Edit: should specify the head swap is for the ZM to go on a Miata B6 since doing it the other way around is already easy
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this mild measurement disaster should be within the ballpark of what the oem exhaust gasket should look like. Should be able to make flanges now

My measurement strategy was a little bit weird, I pretty much was going under the premise that mazda would try to avoid using decimals in measurments whenever possible (seemed to be the case with the b6) and it ended up working out
mani gasket.PNG
Hey, is this project still ongoing?
Currently working on turbocharging my zm-de with a gt28.
Yup still tinkering on it on the side. I had the port angle totally messed up and I made an adapter for 4AGE individual throttle bodies.
Been doing a lot of research on Z and B series heads and I might try to peel the kia variant open. It sounds like the intake ports are super screwed up on every single 1.6 head despite the ZM ones being bigger. There is a small chance the Kia variant has both big ports and good angle. Also been looking into a twin vvt setup
Nice!! I haven’t really looked into the head yet. If I’d known there was a Kia variant, I could’ve looked into the Supertech valves again
I've got some weird and wacky stuff coming down the pipeline like a 20v head. I doubt i'll ever get it turned into a real concept but it would be sweet. I think I have almost figured out a decent way to alter the cylinder spacing on these engines