SOLD! Injen Intake/FMIC

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Escondido, CA
2003 MSP
Hello all!

For sale is an Injen intake and FMIC setup. I’m unaware of the brand as I bought this car used.

The intake and FMIC look pieces together via various couplers, but it works with no leaks. If also came with a custom pipe leading to the throttle body with an HKS bov (idk if it’s real or not).

I wasn’t able to get the GT28 off of the car, but it’s practically brand new. It still has the paint from when they were balancing it. If anyone wants info on the turbo i’ll gladly take time to pull it and send pics

I’m trying to turn the car back into it’s stock form so that’s the reason for selling it.

I just need all this stuff gone and would hate to throw it all away

PRICE: $50 +shipping


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