IIHS rating for pre and post July 2019 CX-9 Led Headlights

2019 Cx-9 GT
Hello Folks
Just bought a new Cx-9 GT (deep metallic Blue) after researching a lot of vehicles (that will be separate thread :))

I stumbled on this actual IIHS rating site while i was doing some research post buying the SUV

It says pre Jul 2019 built GT and Sig models have poor ratings on led headlights but post July models are good(huh)
Wanted to see what you folks think and see in your models. I have 04/2019 prod date and I think low beam is a bit low but then have been very happy with them after coming from an older Xenon headlights.
Is there any adjustment that can be made to pre 2019 models so that they throw lights a little more distance?
I would love to see a comparison, myself. If I have the time/opportunity, I'll go to a dealership with my 2018 to compare.
Kind of a bummer, huh? Seems like Mazda should do a recall if the ones built before July are so bad. I just bought a 2019 GT myself, but luckily mine was built in August.

It appears Mazda used the poor rated LED headlights in GT and Signature trims between February 2018 and June 2019. 2018 models built after January 2018 actually have the same poor rated LEDs as the 2019s built before July.
I talked to Mazda Customer service and the guy did not about IIHS headlight ratings but he told me that he will have it looked by Mazda. He also told me that Mazda may have used a different vendor for the lights after June 2019 and that info may not be available publicly. I have setup appt with service to see it they can adjust them a bit upwards. That may solve quite a bit of issue with IIHS rating on how far they should ideally go on a low beam
Service adjusted my headlights a bit upwards and there is some difference. If they did anymore, it would blind oncoming traffic. Headlight look good to me and have a good spread anyways. I am still baffled by IIHS ratings. did they test a vehicle built prior to June 2019 that would have needed headlight adjustments??
I haven't driven a newer model but certainly I think the headlights on my 2018 CX9 are one of the weakest parts of the vehicle. Quite disappointing. On a rainy night on a black-top road with traffic coming in the opposite direction it is actually quite scary, particularly since the windshield is also pitted, causing oncoming lights to 'star' significantly. I just avoid driving in those conditions if I can.

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