How to connect LED DRL to headlights so they dim? Where to find that wire?

2016 Mazda CX-5 Touring
I added LED DRL to my fog lights. You can see the ones I installed in 2015 here:

Those died last month. Bought new ones that come with the option to dim when headlights are on. Instructions say to attach to headlight or fog light. Where do I find those wire? Do I just unplug headlight bulb housing and test for power wire and then splice into that? CX-5 headlights are not that easy to access without removing the front end.

Let me know. Thanks.

quote from instructions

Light Dimming Function: Connect control wire(white) to fog light/headlight, DRL will turn down when fog light/headlight turned on.

Thought I was in accessory forum. Oops. I'll x-post over there.

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