How to add 1400hp to your Mazda3


Swap in a custom built Four Rotor engine like this one from TCP Magic…:love:



All kidding aside, spotted this monster at this year’s Automesse in Osaka, Japan. It’s a Mazda3 built by TCP Magic for Time Attack.



Any idea what work was done to the drivetrain?

I found some stuff.. 🫨

Vlog of the TCP Magic shop (with the Mazda3 in the shop):

Pike's Peak drive:

Also found this blog (use Google Translate):

And this IG reel:

In the blog they say that it's a custom built twin-turbo 4-rotor in a front engine rear drive configuration, with a "racing gearbox, prop shaft and rear differential." Couldn't really find any more specifics.
Thanks for the additional details, @sm1ke (y)

It was great to see the owner and builder, Kawato at the show…It has been a while since we chatted in person, great to see he’s doing well and busier than ever!

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