How is the spoiler attached (2012 Mazda5)?

2012 Mazda5 Sport 6MT
I was thinking about adding a spoiler to my Sport 6MT. I found one on a wrecked GT but I don’t see how it is attached since I don’t see any fasteners. Is it just adhesive? What’s the easiest way to remove it?
I'm not 100% but I believe that it's bolted on.
There's a plastic plug in the corner and there should be a nut behind it.


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2012 Mazda5 Sport 6MT
Thanks for the info. Yep - it's just bolted on, with a couple of foam pads to keep it from rattling but they don't have any adhesives on them. The strange thing about removing the spoiler was that it was held on with an 11mm nut on the left and a 10mm on the right. I didn't have a deep 10mm socket with me but some guys in the yard let me borrow theirs after I loaned them a 3/8" extension.

I dread drilling holes into my car so I'll wait until I am satisfied with the painting before making that permanent change. I'm not that good at spray painting so this part may never be installed. This was only the third 2012+ Mazda5 that I've seen in local junkyards in the last decade, and the only non Sport model, so I had to take the spoiler in a color other than what matches my car. It was in the dark grey metallic, whereas my car has the one-year only Copper Red Mica (32V). I found several cans of spray paint in this OEM color over at Rural King, of all places, for just $2.99/can.