Gen 1 Mazdaspeed3 engine wiring harness

Once upon a time I was having an electrical problem. I took it to the stealership who told me that I needed a new wiring harness and it wasn't going to be covered by my extended warranty. They wanted to charge me $2500 for the harness and $500 in labor. I made one heck of a scene and let every prospective customer know the worthlessness of the extended warranty. The service manager came over and told me that if I could find a harness myself they would install it for $300. I ran home and found one on "that auction site" and ordered it. While waiting for it to arrive I extracted my cranium from my rectum and troubleshot the problem. A few hours and one ten cent piece of wire later the problem was solved. Then the wiring harness arrived.

Ten years later...The wife and I are cleaning the garage and it seems that my store of Mazda parts have grown beyond a single storage shelf. I'm looking to let go of my Gen 1 Speed engine wiring harness (it appears to only be missing a single connector near the alternator) for $50 plus shipping. I'm discounting it because after taking a look at it there is one connector missing, I believe that it is a connector near the alternator but I'm only guessing after laying the harness over my engine and trying to map out where everything goes.