FS: 2003.5 MSP Original 1 Owner 88k Miles

Testing the water on the interest of a 2003.5 blazing yellow mica msp. I am the original and only owner!! It has 88k miles. It has been through 12 Chicago winters so it's not as pretty as it used to be but that's why I'm thinking of pricing of around 2,500 obo. It will be sold as it sits which means it comes with a kartboy short shifter and bushings, an ION fmic, axr clunk fix bracket, tokico illumina 5 way adjustable struts with about 40k miles on them, they same with the espelier springs they sit on. It also has a vibrant vacuum block, just so it's out there if you search my user on the forum I have soft rebuilt this motor about 30k miles ago, at which time I put in arp head studs and a corksport s pipe, that is mated to 2.5" exhaust. I will throw in my cracked thunder header the stock manifold is on the car. It also has in it an exedy stage 1 clutch the may need to be replaced soon and a fidanza aluminum flywheel which you can still get replaements for. For the price it's a pretty decent platform if you have a decent body or if you drive it as is. There will be a separate listing for the ssafc and 440 injectors and other misc pieces that I cannot let go of for the price I am asking for just the car. If you were interested and the price was right I would be more than happy to let it all go. That would include a set of rota Boost wheel's the ssafc and injectors a truboost boost controller a pillar pod. Along with an auto exe grill and eyelid set. I am looking at purchasing a new vehicle finally and do not have to sell this so please don't send me low ball offers please no negativity again I know everything that's wrong and right with the car. Please do not spam or flame or fight I am old now and think I need to retire the msp.
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It is also my daily still so mileage will go up.

I also will not be selling any parts until I have given a person willing to purchase the vehicle a shot at them. There will be separate listings after the car is gone.
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