Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)


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Click spoiler to open the intro to my story.

opened my garage door and to my surprise... hmm donuts... 🍩


hmm more donuts... 🍩 🍩


*gasps* fresh sweet donuts everywhere on my FSDE! 🍩 🍩 🍩


a forged gift from the signature cupid 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩 😂


block by signature sound
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welcome to my work log! it's going to be a long build since it's my first and i'm learning as i go. surely i'll have many questions and will appreciate every ones help. the goal for my build is very basic for now. will just to have a solid bottom end and everything else will be stock for now. will make more upgrades and get tuned as time and money permits in the future. enjoy!

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Mod List:
- Split Second AFC
- JoeP MBC @ 12psi
- Gauges: wideband, boost, oil pressure, oil temp
- TWM short shifter with BLOX weighted shift knob
- BC coilovers, 8k/6k springs
- AXR clunk fix
- Konig Countersteer wheels, 17x7 +40
- Rebuilt head, installed at 125054 miles
- Signature built block, installed at 125054 miles
- 9:1 compression
- Pauter rods
- Wiseco pistons
- Oil squirters deleted
- ACL bearings (tolerances are dead center)
- Standard balanced for stock flywheel
- Reground crank
- ARP hardware
- Signature coated and bypassed oil pump
- Peterson External oil PRV
- Signature powder coated valve cover
- CR3 valve cover dress up kit
- AWR 70 duro motor mounts all around minus rear. Rear is a filled OEM mount
- South Bend stage 2 clutch
- Ceramic coated intake manifold, VTCS delete, port and polished
- CX Racing FMIC (27" x 5.5" x 2.5") & piping
- Generic oil catch can
- MP3 seats from my old car
- MP3 Nardi steering wheel from my old car
- MP3 axle back from my old car
- Ceramic coated Steedspeed manifold mated to gt2860 (both being repaired at the moment)

Maintenance/Work Log:
  • 1/12/2024 - Installed new lower control arms and battery: 132,972
    • Delphi TC2523 (67.79)
    • Delphi TC2524 (67.79)
    • Battery was under warranty
- 132850: Installed new Hitachi IGC0071 coil packs and NGK 5659 spark plug wires. (08/02/2023)
- 132800: Installed used Mishimoto radiator, new Gates 22457 upper and 22458 lower hoses, and Mahle C31306 thermostat water housing seal. (07/13/2023)
- 131850: oil change (07/05/2021)
- 131675: Replaced rear left caliper since it was seized with a Cardone #19B2805 (04/08/2021)
- ??????: Replaced battery with new Everstart battery (03/21/2021)
- 131435: Replaced TB with one supplied by Damian (09/23/2020). Replaced coolant temp sensor with OEM unit (09/28/2020).
- 131244: Replaced all fittings and hoses to Russell Twist Lok fittings and hoses. 05/21/2020
- 131105: Installed new valve cover gasket and NGK ZFR7F #6855 plugs (one step colder). 04/07/2020
- 131058: Installed new radiator cap.
- 131000: Uninstalled Steedspeed manifold (runners leaking) and gt2860 (leaking oil).
- 130850: Installed Steedspeed manifold, gt2860, driver side slim fan
- 130XXX: Replaced fuel pump with a used oem unit with 103k miles. Swapped back to my previous set of coilpacks.
- 130250: Oil change
- 126800: New Autocraft Gold battery. 02/10/2018
- 125054: Front sway bar bushings (OEM)
- 125054: NGK Plugs, B&A coilpacks, NGK wires changed
- 125054: Transmission fluid changed with GM Synchromesh
- 125054: Timing belt, water pump, accessory belts (Gates)
- 125054: Built block & rebuilt head goes on!
- 115000: BC coilovers installed
- 119000: Transmission fluid changed with GM Synchromesh
- 111900: Alternator rebuilt by Browning's Alternator
- 104000: Front brake pads (Wagner Thermoquiet) and rotors installed
- 99000: Split Second AFC Installed. 06/23/2012
- 99000: New Radiator (from n/a protege). 06/23/2012
- 92000: OEM Mazda front sway bar bushings installed
- 76000: ATP wastegate actuator installed
- 75000: OEM Mazda timing belt, water pump, accessory belts installed
- 60000: Transmission fluid changed with Redline MT90

- All black Nardi Mazda steering wheel
- Pope downpipe
- Transmission upgrades/rebuild
- Paint job

Other notes because my memory sucks:
- turbo inlet fitting size is 7/16-24
- SuperMapStock v1, works really well in the winter months. Added .1 from 10psi+ from 4000-7000rpm
- SuperMapStock (unaltered), works best for summer months.
- wiring a/c fan to come on with driver side fan:
- (30) to positive side of battery with inline fuse​
- (87) to ac fan's positive​
- (86) to positive side of primary (driver side) fan​
- (85) to ground​
- groud the ac fan's negative to chassis​
- radiator fan kicks in at 205F

To do:
- Fix coolant leak. Order tstat to block gasket and tstat seal.
- Low Priority. Replace lower control arms.
- Low Priority. Mazda6 front brake swap. Requires front brake pads, hardware, and rotors. SS Brake hoses will be nice too.
- Low Priority. DW 440cc injectors. After turbo rebuild and install, I will revisit 440cc injectors and tune for 12-14psi.
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signature sound did an externally bypassed oil pump for me and helped me with a windage tray. welded return fitting and refinished.





i see a waste of good donuts.

come eat them before i throw them out
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Thanks. What should I be swapping to? Only thing that comes to mind is the block doesn't have the MSP one.

The MSP has a longer stud for the oil cooler, just have to get another nut for it and make a jam nut to remove and install the longer stud.
what kind of black coating is that?

Not sure specifically but engine builder loves to paint and coat things. I'd say some sort of high heat semi gloss black paint. Not a rattle can job :)

The MSP has a longer stud for the oil cooler, just have to get another nut for it and make a jam nut to remove and install the longer stud.

Thanks. confirms my guess is correct!
made some progress today. installed the rear main seal retainer, rear main seal, oil pump, and windage tray.

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it's been a long time since i posted an update because i've just been slowly collecting parts whenever i had extra cash. mechanic friend picked up all the parts yesterday. will be dropping the car off in about a week or so.


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