Fortin EVO-ONE Remote Starter - Install How-to Posted for CX-50

2014 & 2019 CX-5 Touring(s)
The Fortin EVO-ONE Remote Starter is now available for the CX-50. I just posted an install how-to: Fortin EVO-ONE Aftermarket Remote Starter Installation & Config How-to

This device has the following advantages over the Mazda Connect app:
  1. Works from the factory remote (configurable to press EITHER Lock-Lock-Lock, OR Lock-Unlock-Lock), so no futzing with your phone, unlocking the app, hoping the app will work today, etc, etc.
  2. Does NOT kill the engine when you get in the car.
  3. Emulates you being in the car and pressing the START button, so heated seats and steering wheel come on immediately when the car remote-starts (so long as you have them set that way).
  4. Adds Car Alarm functionality for if a door is opened after locking (i.e. glass smash or jimmied & open) or the hood is opened/jimmied - no hood switch is required, it uses the factory one. Note: it does not come with a shock or tilt sensor, but there's a socket so one can be added.
  5. Includes turbo after-run functionality for a set number of minutes after you stop the car, if enabled.
  6. Does not require an expensive subscription after 3 years (or ever :) )