CX9 Bose vs CX5 Bose

My wife and I just got a 2022 CX 5 and CX 9.

I just wanted to make a comment about how the Bose sounds so much different in the two. She’s coming from a 2019 Mazda 3 where the Bose sounded completely different as well.

Center point on the 3 was always off because it sounded weird, and it’s the newer design of the Bose and infotainment system.

Center point is at 1 in the CX5, or it sounds very unbalanced.

Center point is off in the CX9 or it sounds very scooped in the mids. Overall the CX9 sounds a lot better, much clearer highs, and better imaging all around.

For what it’s worth I installed a sub in both CXs, which made me able to set the bass to -2 which cleared up a lot.
Both are very good, not great. Wifey had a 2019 cx5 and now has a 22 cx9, both with their premium systems. The cx9 sounds more nuanced than I remember the cx5 sounding, but I remember the mid tones being more prevalent in the cx5, they are almost completely hidden in the cx9. The cx9 is a bit more crisp as well. Cx9 gets 8/10, but some vehicles we owned were better overall, but gets the job done pretty well. I hear the cx50 has a damn good system though, hopefully the cx90 gets a great system as well. Now if it only played all the songs on our damn USB drive.