Off Topic Columbia House

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Columbia House

I haven't seen that name in a LONG while, anyone else?

Back in the day, I used to join the CD club, get a ton of free/low price CD's and then cancel, only to do it again, and again. The Club caught on and I had to use the address of friends and family, even at work, to get my low-cost CD's. BMG too.

I built my collection this way. Over 2k at last count. Of course, with music streaming these days, buying CD's is over.

Anyways, why did I bring this up?

I received an email this morning purporting to come from Columbia House and I need to reply to my Directors Selection by the end of the month otherwise it will be sent to me automatically.

Oh really? Of course, it's a phishing attempt. I did open the email accidently. It looks legit, till you mouse over the links that is.

Just for S&G I googled Columbia House, and it is still around. Looks like they're only selling DVD's though. Don't need any of those either.