Back door interior cover for dog protection? 2014 CX-5 cloth seats


2014 CX-5 Touring AWD - 132k miles
Denver, CO
Hi all,

2014 CX-5 Touring with cloth seats.

Seen some great option for seat covers, but just wondering if anyone has experience with door covers / protectors? I have a small dog (about 15 lbs) who gets secured in the backseat via a strap that connects to the seat belt buckle. When he wants to stick his head out the window he inevitably jumps up on the door and scratches the plastic.

Wondering if anyone has some good recommendations? Looked around Amazon and nothing was immediately striking my fancy.

I want something similar for my kids, lol. So far these are the only ones I think are decent looking, but I'm not sold on them for the price.

Winbate Car Door Protector 2PC
Yeah, seems a bit pricey and looks like it secures to the window itself which would be problematic for rolling it down for him.

EDIT: Oh no, I see the securing mechanism now. Could work, but agreed the price is a bit high.