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Mazda2 1.5T Sport
TGVs Delete.

So far best mod I've done. The car is much smoother at idle than ever before and I cant find any drawbacks. The car leaned a bit at wot which indicates that there is more air coming in but I really don't care about any power gains since the car is so much smoother at idle and low rpms.
I dont know why I haven't done that years ago.... really dont know.... I always believed that there will be hesitation at idle :S hahahahahah
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2nd photo isn't loading. Can you post a bit more info on the actual removal process? Also are you getting a CEL due to removing the TGV, or did you just remove the butterflies and left the mechanisms in place to prevent that?


Mazda2 1.5T Sport
Almost a year, but there is an update :p

First of all,
Happy holidays every one :)

Now let's cut to the chase.
After the Bigger throttle body and the TGVs delete, i Finally hit the dyno again to see if there are any gains.

Last year when I was on the dyno the car made 302hp at the crank with 1.5bar(roughly 22psi) pressure and I said that at that pressure the expected power was to be:

Last week got to the dyno, and I am a bit disappointed with the numbers. Something clearly holding back the turbo. at 0.8bar makes the same power with the TD04(at same boost) and at 1.2 makes the power that the TD04 did at 1.3bar. At 1.5bar the car made just over 300hp with 360nm of torque. At 1.5bar the power should be around 320-340 with this turbo. Maybe its the small throttle body. I am gonna find it for sure..

I also mentioned the possible causes....

So lets see after bigger throttle body and the TGVs deletation....

1.3 bar: 309hp + 35kgm
1.55 bar 334hp + 37.5kgm (I was spot On :) )
1.65 bar 345hp + 39kgm
1.75 bar 353hp + 40.5kgm

Max HP for this turbo is around 360HP ;)
Maybe if I push it to 1.85bar it ll go over 360 but I didnt care about that :)

And lets see the graph of the last run,
This Graph is at ~1.75bar (~25.3psi) pressure

The result:
321.1 whp(352.9hp at the crank) 293.54 lbft(40.5kgm)



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Holy s*** dude, 352hp at crank?! My god that would be a handful to drive on a 2. If you don't mind me asking, what has been the up to date cost of your build? I've been toying with the idea of a small supercharger (amr500) install to give me an extra but not crazy of a kick due to being afraid of blowing my gearbox or engine to bits due to having an auto gearbox. But woah my mind is blown just thinking about your build!
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It's from an MX-5 1.8/2.0. I also had to swap the power pins and I had to drill the Fng out of the holes on the body to bolt :p
This tb is 60mm ID, I believe the RX-8 should be bigger.

I was between the MX5 TB and the TB that you are mentioning but I wasn't sure from the photos if it is bigger than the stock(I had send a couple of messages to some sellers in order to measure them but no luck) :( so I decided to go for the MX5's.
If the late 1.6's TB is 5mm bigger then is better to go for this TB as the ID of our intake is 55mm and the stock TB is about 45-48mm.
Maybe I ll go for a custom intake manifold so the extra mm of the TB are not gonna be wasted :)

a new video :)

can you share which pins you had to switch around ?


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@AN7 Hi Mate,
Nice build!
Unfortunately alot of the photos aren't in the OP anymore due to the age of the post but I'd really like to get them off you if I can. I'm planning an AWD conversion/build on an AWD model and big boost ultra-sleeper build with plans for 200kw+ at all 4 wheels on between 14 and 20psi.

If you can shoot me as much info as you have on the turbo fitment that would make my planning much easier!

I'm also considering a mazda3 engine swap so I can get the 1.8L and machine to 2.0L before adding the turbo. Will also be 100% street legal where I live!