For Sale Aftermarket 1st gen CX-5 parts for sale - Nashville, TN

Hello all! This is my first and probably my only post.

I will be selling my 2016 cx-5 and am looking to sell some aftermarket parts.
These include:
Rubber mat for rear hatch
Headlight "eyebrows"
strut tower brace
interior floor brace-SOLD
trunk/rear brace
taillight assembly-SOLD
I paid over $1500 for all of this but would like to get rid of it. I am located in the Nashville, TN area and would like to meet someone so I don't have to ship it.
As for price... considering that I'm getting rid of the car, pretty much name your price. I am looking to sell of all of this to one person and will consider cheaper offers if I can sell it to one person.
Thank you!

20220101_164124.jpg 20220101_114231.jpg 20220101_113939.jpg 20220101_114058.jpg 20220101_114146.jpg 20220101_113955.jpg 20220101_114252.jpg


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