2021 Mazda3 Turbo - Anyone running 235x40x18 wheels and tires?

Just purchased a white '21 Mazda 3 Turbo Premium Sedan. Stock it came with 215x45x18 all season tires (my understanding is the stock black wheels are 7" wide, 45mmOffset). My plan is to keep the stock wheels and tires for winter use only.

For summer use:
I am about to order 18x8 (45 mm offset) Enkei wheels, machine cut / black accent. Based on comments from others I believe that a 235x40x18 performance summer tire (General G-MAX RS) will be a good fit and nice upgrade?

Would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has gone with 235x40x18s on an 8" wide wheel?

Photos would be awesome - Thanks in Advance!


Mazda3 Turbo Sedan...Nice! Photos would be awesome...Please do share pics with us if possible before and after changing your wheels.
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Congrats, @cuzed2

What is the weight difference between the OEM and the Enkeis? My Enkei Racing wheels are almost 10 lbs lighter (each) compared to the OEM. By the way, Brian Goodwin of Goodwin racing found that for street use, OEM width or near OEM width tires are often "stickier" than wider tires because the narrower tires heat up far more easily. On the track, the wider tires are an advantage. Certainly, wider tires "look" better but grip may be compromised on the street.

Good Info - Thanks!

The best I can tell; the the Enkei's I'm looking at are 6-7 pounds lighter than the stock wheels, but the tires I am considering are 2 lbs heavier than the stock tires. Looks like a net savings of 4~5 lbs on each corner. Hopefully upgrading to stickier summer performance tires (from all seasons) will make up for the extra .6" of width I am gaining.
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
That's good; lighter is better. Are you fairly certain that there is sufficient width clearance in the front?
That's good; lighter is better. Are you fairly certain that there is sufficient width clearance in the front?
concept - appreciate your inputs - very helpful!

I have made a query on another forum if others have made this same wheel/tire size change:

Turns out at least 3 individuals report no issues (or rub) when going to 235x40s on 18x8 rims.
One of those 3, one person reported they even lowered the car afterward and had no issues.

However another person went even larger with 245x40s and did have rubbing issues.

Based on the above - I'm feeling good about the 235x40s on 18x18 rims (with identical offset).
So I will answer my own question:

I am now running my new 235x40x18 tires on 8" wide aftermarket wheels (45 mm stock offset), and they are a great fit.

Photos will follow after finishing my ceramic coating process next week :)
As promised with a profile down the side (fronts are just flush with fender opening, rears are 1/4" recessed into fender opening), no evidence of any rubbing or interference at all...

Mazda Rear_06-02-21.JPG
Mazda SideView_06-02-21.JPG
DS Wheel profile2.JPG
@berliton Thanks!

I know this style isn't everyone's favorite. However; I am just "old-school" enough that the black wheel look is hard for me to get used to :), and you are correct the OD is almost identical.