2018 CX-8 won't start, about 10 different warnings. Help!

Hi guys, time is really critical here. I managed to get the car to a dealer last week, picked it up on Friday with a new battery. Everything was fine this morning but the issue has arisen again.
Still under extended warranty, I was wondering if anyone else might have seen this.

Car FOB locks and unlocks the car, pressing the ignition button turns the car on and I'm greeted with:
-Power Steering malfunction
- Keyless system malfunction
- 4WD system malfunction
- DPF malfunction
- Battery Management system malfunction
- SBS malfunction
- Front Radar Sensor System malfunction
- Smart City Brake Support Forward malfunction
- Front camera system malfunction
- BSM malfunction
- Driver attention alert malfunction
- Vehicle system malfunction

Additionally, I get a lot of high temp warnings. The car has been parked outdoors and it has been hot in the sun.
The mechanics at the dealership said there were a lot of lost communication errors in the logs but nothing else

Does anyone know if there's anything I could check?