2016+ CX-9 Owners - Have you replaced your battery yet?


'16 CX-9 Soul Red/Parchment , Touring
2016 CX9 at 35,000 miles;
Purchased "new" and full warranty as mgr demo at 4800 miles. Battery still OEM but not sure how it tests. I will have dealer LOF and checkpoints this week and can update. I've been known to tender the battery of my two cars with a cheapy Harbor Freight motorcycle battery maintainer. Once or twice a year though. 🙄
Update: Last month I had my 2019 CX-9 GT FWD in for routine oil change and 15K service stuff. I've had the car just about 3 years at that point and I asked them to check the battery. The service advisor acted like I was wasting their time but when the performed the test the battery failed. They gave me a new replacement under warranty which still had 6-days left on it.