2016 CX-9 7inch Infotainment Screen Repair, Update or Replace?


2016 CX-9 Sport
So I just bought a 2016 CX-9 Sport about a week ago with a spidered infotainment screen. At the time, I thought i could just get a new digitizer for $30, which I had ordered. I didn't realize that mine was the 7" model as the digitizer i ordered said it would fit the 2016 CX-9 Sport, so didn't even think twice about it. Now Ive found full LCD's for about $350 plus tax/shipping. But since these (really just the glass digitizer) seem to go bad often, I would hate to have to buy another in a couple years. I know the previous owner already did it once according to the car history i got from the mazda dealership. Should I try to find a used 8" lcd kit that I should replace it with so that digitizer replacements are cheaper (plus i already have that 8" one) or consider some aftermarket android unit? Not sure i trust those though. i really only need basic use and carplay. I did already buy the carplay upgrade skit for $65, but haven't installed it yet as i planned to do it when i installed the new digitizer. Suggestions?

I am in sunny southwest florida, so it does hot down here, but i did at least buy a windshield shade to try to help minimize the impact on the screen when parked for long periods.
I know I already replied in another thread, but i would try a 7 in digitizer from a CX-5 first.

If you go out and buy an 8 in kit, there is no guarantee that it will be compatible. It might be, but I don’t know anyone that did a similar upgrade. It is worth a try if you have the time, but it will be an experiment.

So in both case you are running a trial. I would do the trial of the CX-5 digitizer first since it is only 20$, then if that doesn’t work I would try the 8 in complete replacement, might as well get an upgrade if you will be paying the cost of a complete 7 in unit anyway. I would even go out and try a 10 inch unit from a 2020.

If you don’t want to strip everything twice. You can buy both and install one if the other doesn’t work. Return what you don’t use after.

I don’t know enough about android units. They may work well but I would make sure that it is compatible enough to allows you to retain the capability to change the vehicle settings.
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Actually if a 7in digitizer from a CX-5 does not work. I would try a 7 inch Miata screen with Wireless Carplay, or the even rarer Canadian 2021 CX-9 with a 9 inch screen and wireless carplay (this was only on canadian CX-9).

See this post where a Miata owner changed his screen to a 2021 model with wireless carplay :
btw, I would never consider spending $1300 or more for a new unit. Heck, I’m hesitant on $500. Right now it works fine, just ugly. Don’t use the touchscreen, just the dial at this point.
So I live in South Florida also. Car is outside, not in a garage. Same 2016, purchased it in 2019 and made sure dealership changed it before they sold it to me. Vehicle had warranty on it, I have zero idea why they don't fix it. That is literally what CarMax do.

What I do in Florida is make sure I bring my car to a shop for a IR clear front window tint. This with the other tint drop the temperature a lot. Even when I drive, I notice my arms and dash isn't getting hot. With how much tech are in these now, I would think not having it baked is best.
Well for now I’m just using the 8” digitizer with my 7” lcd. Can see the edges a bit, but still a huge improvement over the spidered screen and only $30. Well really free because when I tried to return it, they said just keep it because their warehouse was full and they still refunded me. #win
Oh I didn't know I can use a smaller one. If I need to cross that bridge one day. I'll do it too. My biggest concern is the whole gasket blow out issue.