For Sale 2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege 1 owner

2003 Mazdaspeed protege 2nd owner 160kmiles.
Title says mileage on it not exempt like 95% of the cars that are 10+ yrs old.
Owned it since 2006. Purchased with 40k miles. I put only 120k in 14yrs(8.5k yearly) 90% of my trips involved 7 miles one way hwy trips to and From work. This car hasn’t had the suspension banged up over curves or experienced city potholes or steep inclines.
(GA) Southern car whole life.
Maturely driven and repaired whenever something came up.
Bought oil from Mazda dealership everytime and changed it my self always. The car is Located in Snellville, Ga
Came with every option available
95% stock with the only upgrades being ones that actually benefited the vehicle with reliability and performance.
•Upgraded turbo pipes to aluminium pipes (W oem true location and bolt up points as the stock plastic pipes) -notcheap
•Upgraded Greddy Type Rs Bov w/ soft or hard knob
•Upgraded waste gate.
•Upgraded vaccum lines
•Best in market (2019)JVC touchscreen headunit with Apple CarPlay and Google. Pandora, iheart radio, many more.
•Original Racing hart 17’s and Disk breaks.
Factory Sparco shift knob. (Rare heavy one)
has all 4 wheel Abs
cold A/C,Hot heat
Power doors/windows
Heated and power side mirrors
Tinted true jdm yellow Fog lights.
Amazing stock sound system w upgraded alpine door speakers and
Pioneer 6x9s
Stock kenwood 450W amp powering the whole system.
Car is in perfect mechanical shape inside abd out. Runs and drives. Title in hand asking $5,000obo. But minds set around the price range I’m asking. Not in a rush to sell I have other cars I drive. Last 3 years this been my off day vehicle.


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1 or two owners?
Black engine bay? 3.5s never came in black. They also had a front bumper with no fog lights. By the fitment, that looks like it may be a wings west bumper though. I see a few other discrepancies, but I'll pipe down for now.

I miss my MSP.

EDIT: oh crap this was from March. Still no signage either. :unsure: