2000 Protege 1.6L low idle shudder/bounce

Hi, I've got my 2000 Protege LX 1.6L with just about 160,000 Miles on it and when the car is warmed up in closed loop at a stop sometimes, the idle will start to lower around 6-400 rpm as if the engine is about to stall, it will bounce up and down as if the car is trying to stall and not stall at the same time. When I drive forward when this is happening, especially if the throttle is on the floor, the car will act like I'm taking my foot off the throttle and then putting it back on a few times, kind of like its hard shifting or getting ready to shift to the next gear, sputtering is the best word I can come up with but there's no backfiring or actual sputtering. When the car is going down the road after this stops it cruises just fine at around 2-3K RPM based on how fast the car is going. I was considering taking the idle up but I'm not sure if this will alleviate the issue, or just mask a bigger problem and will come back to bite me. It does not shudder like this when it is cold/open loop.

Any suggestions/solutions are greatly appreciated.
Check/clean/replace IAC valve and the EGR valves. Look for vacuum leaks. Check your injectors, maybe one or more isn't operating optimally. If you have low fuel pressure then this can cause issues. I would also check the coilpacks, plug wires and plugs. Consider scanning for fault codes. Hope this helps.
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