03.5 spoiler questions

97camaroSS e30 318is Spicy #1348
Does the 03.5 spoiler use the same mounting holes as an 03 msp or regular protege?

Also, don't want to post this in the for sale section, but what is expected to pay for one of the 03.5 spoilers? Seen some for sale in the for sale section, but they don't seem to move too fast?
2002 323 protege
I have been advised that mounting points are the same as for the common factory spoiler, the 03 and mp3 spoiler will have extra holes for center leg.


#1417 Titanium MSP
i doubt the 03.5 spoiler has the same holes at stock, the base of the spoiler is much larger and i know there are 4 holes, 1 i think being pretty large