2nd Generation CX-9 DIY Directory

This resource will list 2nd Generation "How To"s and previously posted URL links to DIYs. This is a fluid posting and will be updated often. It's a 'work in progress'. If an entry is marked "TBD", we need that data. Please feel free to add additional links!

CX-9 General
CX-9 Owner's Manual
CX-9 Engine Workshop Manual (2.5 Turbo)

CX-9 Infotainment
Dashcam Install
List of Mazda Voice Commands
Rear Subwoofer Sound Deadening
Updating Mazda Connect Firmware

CX-9 Accessories and Appearance
Bulb Replacements
Crossbar Installation
Dash Protectant
Emblem/Badge Removal
'Floating' License Plate Mount
Mud Flap Installation
Sequential LED Turn Signals
Steering Wheel Wrap

CX-9 Wheels, Tires, Brakes & Suspension
Rear Brake - Maintenance Mode Info
Front Brake Install - TBD
Rear Brake Install - TBD
Front-end Clunking Noises

CX-9 Engine & Transmission
40k Spark Plug Change Discussion
Spark Plug Clean/Change (Skyactiv-G)
Spark Plug Install Video
Additional Spark Plug Discussion
CorkSport Intake Install
Differential Fluid Change (CX-5 & CX-9)
Fuse Box Diagram
Oil Catch Can Install
Oil Change
Oil Type Discussion
Rear Axel Fluid Drain and Fill
Sprint Booster V3 Install Guide
Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill

08/19/2020: @sm1ke added link to "Updating Mazda Connect Firmware" to Infotainment section
08/21/2020: @sm1ke added links to "Rear Axel Fluid Drain and Fill" and "Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill" to Engine & Transmission section
09/10/2021: @sm1ke added link to "2.5T Engine Workshop Manual" to General section
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Thanks been looking for something like. Appreciate the time to put this together. Hopefully the Transmission Fluid change will be updated soon :)
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Fantastic DIY help for the 2nd Gen CX-9
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Thanks BRnPA!!
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Great idea, thank you once again for the suggestion and for making it happen, it's already off to a great start! I'm looking forward to see it expand.
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