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    Mazda5 Lifespan

    I'm at 187,000 miles in my '06 5 now. Haven't put many miles on it in since March 2020, like so many people. 4 speed auto tranny is still rock solid, and I'll be doing yet another drain/fill with Maxlife ATF this year.
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    Particles in ATF at 50k + shifting problems

    Any update on this? Hope you brought it in and they will just cover it under warranty. That dipstick does not look good.
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    Mazda5 Lifespan

    152k miles on my 2006 now and mechanically as sounds as when i bought it 5 years ago with 67k. Doing 30k annually now with a longer highway daily commute so i'll probably hit 200k in 2 years. I do an annual tranny drain/fill every fall with maxlife atf, and switched to full synthetic oil to...
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    2017 Mazda5 - Clean Japanese Title or still some Fords parts left in it?

    I couldn't find a lot of threads on these rear upper shock mounts to reply to, but this one seemed fairly recent and I know these shock mounts corroding and breaking is a common problem. I've busted 3 of these in 3 years (salty MN roads!) The first time I broke one I had to do in a hurry, just...
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    Which Mobil1 0W-20 for 2013 Mazda5?

    For what it's worth, my 2006 2.3L 4AT did NOT like Mobil1 Extended Performance 5w20. It had never burned oil prior to that before just using conventional 5w30. But with the M1 EP 5w20 I was burning at least a full quart every 2000 miles, and that was in the dead middle of MN winter. Switched...
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    Which Mobil1 0W-20 for 2013 Mazda5?

    Thanks, I hadn't realized there was a rebate available. $12 is significant.
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    Which Mobil1 0W-20 for 2013 Mazda5?

    Where do you get synthetic oil for $10 for 5 qt? Mobil 1 at that?
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    Automatic Shifting Hard

    I'm driving with the older 4 speed auto so this isn't apples to apples, but I can say with certainty that mine has much smoother shifts after it warms up. Meaning my tranny likes thinner viscosity ATF. And I've alway run Valvoline MaxLife ATF at more frequent drain/fills than you have been...
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    Automatic Shifting Hard

    And have you only tried transmax?
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    Automatic Shifting Hard

    How many total drain/fills have you done since you got the car?
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    215/50 on stock rim (comfy ride)

    I switched from the stock 17's right after I got my M5 back in 2013 cause I hated the ride so much. Went to 205/60/16 right away and haven't looked back. Right quality easily doubled.
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    +'12 Curt Class 1 hitch install on <10

    Yep, that's what I figured out when I put the hitch on mine 4 years ago. Could only find a class 1. It has held up well though.
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    Lug Nuts for Steel Wheels

    My M5 came with the stock 17" aluminum wheels and lug nuts. Hated the ride quality, sold them and bought 16" steel wheels. But kept using the stock lug nuts. Going on 4 years with many rotations and swaps. No problemo.
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    Anyone Need Parts?

    What transmission is in it?
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    Part out or sell the MZ5? Help me decide!

    124k on mine now and I just recently started commuting 84 miles total each day. I see no reason why my 5 shouldn't hit 200k plus miles. Seems fewer and fewer people these days choose to stick with the same vehicle until it's driven into the ground.