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    TCS/DSC and ABS light on but no codes

    Thanks for the update! We need to force regulation on car manufacturers to put a simple numeric display in cars that show codes for all the computers in the car. It's beyond ridiculous at this point.
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    Mazda5 Electrical problems

    So you're not charging. But the fact that you are spiking up to the correct voltage at times makes me think it may be bad battery cables or ground. I would inspect the cables for corrosion and freshen up all connections to the alt, the battery and grounds. If you still have issues (test the...
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    Suspension changes from 2006 to 2007 Mazda5?

    A popular mod is to put in the beefier Mazda 3 rear sway bar. I put it in on our 2010 and my son said it felt much better.
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    Mazda5 Electrical problems

    While it can, I've had it happen way more from a low or dead battery which got that way from either age or the alternator. It flickers because the relay isn't staying energized.
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    Mazda5 Electrical problems

    What is the voltage across the battery when running? Should be around 13.5v or more. When not running? Battery should show 11.8 or more volts. In the US, most car part stores can load test the alternator free of charge. I also recommend the new smart battery testers. They are fairly cheap...
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    Airbag code B2230

    A multimeter *IS* a power source when it measure resistance.
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    Airbag code B2230

    Yikes....I hope you are careful with that air bag. They don't recommend measuring them with a multimeter. That link you provided looks like it has good steps for troubleshooting this issue. If I read that right, it says no more than 3.7ohms? Other cars are generally under 4ohms as well. So...
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    FWD issues

    Glad you found it. It's not worth buying the parts store parts anymore. I buy all OEM.
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    Looking for rear door window scraper

    It's usually called a belt molding or "dew wipe".
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    Description of all the rear inputs on a 2008-2010 oem navi radio

    I am sure there is. I would download the Factory Service Manual. Those have all the wires/colors/junctions. I bought one via ebay for like $7. They send you a PDF.
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    What are the three electrical connectors to the Mazda5 Transmission?

    G501-17-44XA If you do an image search, it appears to have no electrical connectors. It's just a cover.
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    2004 Mazda3 P2177 and P2188

    Running rich screams stuck open injector to me. Cleaning them doesn't always work.
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    Problems with 2005 Mazda3 replacement brake caliper

    Go to Put in your vin. <-Important! This will filter out all but your model/trim. Search the diagram pages for the correct OEM part number. Check the pictures if they have them to verify that's the correct part. If you can't figure it out, CALL THE DEALER. They will take your...
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    2010 Mazda5 Blower Motor Issues...Any suggestions?

    Bad connection somewhere. Potentially the blower motor resistor is heating up and cutting out.
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    Mazda3 Hatch Turbo in Canada - 2022 MY Made in Japan?

    I would argue that those new designs you speak of ARE the bugs being worked out.