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    '18 CX-9 OEM hitch

    Hello CX-9 owners! Anyone had CX-9 OEM hitch installed by the dealer? How does it look? Do they cut any parts of the bumper to get it in? Also how much it cost you? says class2 hitch costs $450, I imagine that doesn't include labor. I do realize that there are plenty of...
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    Would I need AWD?

    Sound thinking but finding a car with FWD might be a challenge. When we were buying ours I've checked inventories of a half-dozen dealerships (150+ cars) and number of '18 CX-9 with FWD was exactly 0 (zero).
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    2018 Mazda CX 9 Pricing

    We were thinking about Touring/Premium but after seeing it in person 18" wheels looked too small on this car. Wish they would go with 19" standard.
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    2018 Mazda CX 9 Pricing

    How many dealers you've tried? Some dealers already hit their quotas for the year, you have to find the hungriest one. I've opened Google maps and searched for every Mazda dealer in 70-mile radius, about twenty of them in Baltimore/DC area. Clicked through their websites, copy-pasting my email...
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    2018 Mazda CX 9 Pricing

    We bought 2018 CX9 AWD Grand Touring yesterday for $37,637. Includes everything but state tax and title. That's 12.9% off sticker price ($43,210). OTD with 6% MD Tax+Title: $40,230 We've used emails to negotiate and didn't haggle the price at all at the dealership saving us time and nerves...